10 Foods To AVOID On The Keto Diet

In this article, we’ll share with you 10 foods that should be avoided when following the keto diet.

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The keto diet is hugely popular right now.

People all over the world are burning lots of fat and losing weight when on the diet.

The one thing that’s crucial on the keto diet, is to eat the right foods.

Otherwise, you’ll not be in a ketosis state and will not burn fat.

So here are 10 foods to avoid when on the keto diet:

1. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are mainly packed with sugar. So it’s important you avoid all kinds of soft drinks and fruit juice.

2. Sweets And Candy

The same can be said about sweets and candy. They are simply created out of sugar and will throw you out of ketosis.

3. Chocolate

Chocolate bars are also full of sugar and must be avoided.

4. Bread

Starchy carbs cannot be eaten if you’re following a keto diet. Therefore, bread is something you will have to avoid.

5. Rice

Another starchy carb is rice and is another thing you cannot have.

6. Potato Chips

Most snacks, such as potato chips, need to be replaced with healthy snacks such as nuts. Snacks that are high in fat and protein will keep you on track when following the diet.

7. Beans

Beans contain high levels of carbs, so should be replaced with less starchy vegetables. But always check the carb content before assuming a vegetable is good for you.

8. Beer

Beer is packed with carbohydrates. Therefore is something else you will need to replace. There are low carb beer options or you can switch to spirits instead such as vodka.

9. Fruit

Surprisingly fruit is not necessarily good for you, especially if you eat a lot of it. That’s because it is packed with sugar.

10. Margarine

Margarine can be packed with omega 6 fat and also trans fats. These are not good for the body at all. You are best sticking to regular butter.

There are alternatives to most of these foods to avoid, so you might not have to give them up entirely. There are many brands that have ‘keto’ versions of popular foods. So always look around and see what is available.