5 Best Ways To Lose Weight Over 50

For a lot of people, trying to lose weight or putting it on can be a big problem, the older we get.

It’s easy to pick up bad eating habits and not want to exercise as often as we should. And this leads to excess calories, which turn into body fat.

But the good news is that you can make a few simple changes each day to keep that fat away.

Here are the best ways to lose weight over 50.

#1 – Start To Do Strength Training

Regular cardio exercise is important to burn calories. But strength training is also crucial, the older we get.

This is because your muscle mass will gradually decrease with age, especially as we hit 50. It can actually decrease up to 2% a year, which is quite a large amount.

But you can prevent this by doing strength training to keep those muscles going strong. You can do bodyweight exercises or lift some weights each week.

And another bonus is that muscles burn calories. So the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will naturally burn.

And that’s great for weight loss!

#2 – Find An Accountability Partner

Trying to lose weight by yourself can be a lonely journey. But if you can find someone to go through the journey with you, it will make things a lot easier.

Find a friend, family member, or even someone you work with to be your accountability partner.

Set yourself goals and meet up weekly to check results.

#3 – Be More Active

This one sounds really obvious but many people don’t realize how little exercise they do each day.

But when you are more active, then you’re burning more calories. And as we know, that means we will lose more weight.

An easy way to get more active is to constantly keep asking yourself “Can I be moving right now?”.

For example, if you’re watching a TV program, why not get up and walk or jog on the spot. You can still enjoy your programs but also burn calories at the same time.

If you often take the lift, then why not take the stairs instead.

Just a few changes like these can mean a lot more calories being burned each week.

#4 – Eat More Protein

Protein has a double benefit on the body.

Firstly, it’s great for helping with weight loss and secondly, it helps to prevent muscle loss.

The older you get, the amount of calories your body naturally burns reduces. And this leads to losing muscle mass.

But by eating high-quality protein, you can prevent that from happening.

Great sources of protein are meat, eggs, and fish.

#5 – Make Your Own Meals

Making your own meals at home has many benefits too.

You get to see the exact ingredients that go into your meals and you can swerve those unhealthy ready meals.

And you can also batch cook your meals for the week too. This means you will always have healthy meals and won’t be tempted to find something quick and easy.

Plan your meals for the week and cook them in advance and freeze them or keep in the refrigerator.


We hope these best ways to lose weight over 50 give you some helpful tips.

If you focus on becoming stronger, eating more protein, and becoming more active, then you should start to see that body fat melting away.

For some great low-calorie recipes, check out this over 50 Keto diet, which is specifically made for people over 50.