Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

The majority of us want a slim waistline and in this Lean Belly Breakthrough review, we will share with you how this amazing product works and why it might just be the answer to your weight loss prayers.

What Is Lean Belly Breakthrough?

It is a weight loss program that has been specially created for both men and women over 50. It is designed to help lose belly fat and improve your overall health.

The program itself is based on natural solutions, so there’s no need for magic weight loss pills, potions, or heavy exercise.

Instead, it focuses on eating a balance of healthy foods that work to burn off that excess belly fat.

Who Created Lean Belly Breakthrough?

Lean Belly Breakthrough was created by Bruce Krahn. Having spent over 15 years as a qualified personal trainer, he has learned a huge amount about what works and what doesn’t work for losing weight.

The product came about when Bruce’s father-in-law sadly had a heart attack, whilst traveling on an airplane. To help him recover, he had to lose weight, specifically fat from around his waist.

So Bruce gave him a simple 2 minute per day ritual, that his father-in-law implemented. Amazingly, he managed to lose 30 pounds in the next 30 days.

How Does Lean Belly Breakthrough Work?

The program allows you to lose fat from your body in a safe and fast manner. Bruce claims that anyone can lose around 2 inches from their waistline in just 2 weeks.

When on the program, you will be lowering your consumption of calories, specifically foods that contain bad cholesterol.

But on top of that, it also includes specific herbs and spices which will help to cleanse your body and get rid of bad toxins.

By following the plan, it will help you to balance the level of blood sugar, which means it’s a great plan for diabetics.

As part of this Lean Belly Breakthrough review, we do of course need to remind you to consult with your doctor before starting any new weight loss program.

Who Is Lean Belly Breakthrough For?

Essentially, Lean Belly Breakthrough is for any man or woman, aged over 50 years old, who wants to lose belly fat from their body.

Moreover, it’s also for you if you want to do it in a safe and natural way. Not only will you lose belly fat but you’ll also be cleansing your body and removing toxins too.

You’ll be able to lose that fat, become fitter, and feel much better every single day.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits of this weight loss system:

You can lose up to 30 pounds of fat, within the very first month.

Lower your cholesterol, by consuming specific foods.

Includes a full list of essential foods, herbs, and spices that you’ll need.

Daily monitoring of your results to keep you fully on track.

Only takes 2 minutes each day to perform what is needed.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Side Effects

We’re pleased to announce that there are no reported side effects of being on the plan. Due to everything being natural, all that you’re doing is resetting your body and detoxifying to help you become a new you.

Is Lean Belly Breakthrough A Scam?

Like any online-based weight loss program, you need to be careful when purchasing without doing your research. Often, people use fake names and personas just to make more sales.

But, Bruce Krahn (the creator of Lean Belly Breakthrough) is a genuine and REAL person. He has appeared on many TV shows, in magazines, and even trained celebrities like Nelly Furtado and Criss Angel.

So, Lean Belly Breakthrough is not a scam.

Where To Buy Lean Belly Breakthrough

The great thing about this program is it’s available to buy online. It’s a digital course, so as soon as you purchase, you get immediate access to all the information.

There’s nothing physically sent to you in the post, so you don’t have to wait weeks to get started.

You can buy it from the official website here.


We’ve tried to include everything we can find in this Lean Belly Breakthrough review and we hope that it’s been useful for you.

If you’re a man or woman, you’re over 50 and desperate to lose weight and become fitter, then you need to get your hands on this program from Bruce.

All you need is 2 minutes a day and you should see some fantastic results in the next 4 weeks.

And there’s nothing to lose, as the product comes with a full 60 days, money-back guarantee. So if you don’t see any results, then you can get back every penny, no questions asked.

Go watch the short video here and then decide whether it’s time to finally make that change to live a better life.